Why you need to try scuba diving in Italy

As a nation nearly surrounded by water, Italy has many exciting dive sites to explore for any level scuba diver. Visiting St. Elmo’s Rock, near Sardinia, will leave you breathless. There are caves crisscrossing the area that are simply teeming with wildlife for a diver to enjoy. You can see an immense diversity of marine life all over the coast of italy, a true sampling of what the Mediterranean has to offer. If you’re into in wreck diving during your trip to Italy, be sure to see the Saint Lucia, which is just off the coast of Rome and not to be missed. This WWII wreck is excellent to photograph and penetrate, as the propeller waits in frozen in time, as if trapped in  long lost days past. Don’t miss out on the many small islands that surround  the exterior of the peninsula which are a fantastic location for divers of any experience level, beginner or pro. Especially recommended is the volcanic islands of Aci Trezza, that are referred to in ancient Roman mythology and offer an amazing jagged landscape to explore, both on land and while scuba diving. Be sure to bring your own scuba gear or feel free to rent some of our own top notch equipment. if you are looking for some scuba gear reviews from scuba divers around the world, check out: www.ScubaDivingdreams.com

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Sicily, Italy’s largest island, has many opportunities to scuba dive in some of the country’s warmest and most beautiful waters. In the Tuscany Archipelago, Elba is the island made famous by Napoleon’s extended exile and the film The Count of Monte Cristo. But for more adventurous divers, the island offers much more welcoming possibilities like large marine animals and breathtaking drop-offs into the deep. Isole Pontine, a volcanic archipelago between Rome and Naples that includes Ponza and Ventotene Islands, offers mind blowing topography for divers, including caves, caverns, grottoes and wrecks. So as you can see there is certainly something for everyone.

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If you enjoy snorkeling, you will also be happy to know many of the more shallow reefs contain a wild abundance of corals and sea life to enjoy, even if you are not a certified scuba diver. While Greece might steal most of the spotlight when it comes to Mediterranean scuba diving, many people forget about the beautiful oceans surrounding italy. Do yourself a major favor and book your next dive trip with Casa Monica, and we will be more than happy to show you some of the best local scuba diving locations around!