tribord easybreath full face snorkel mask : our thoughts

We recently added a new addition to our live aboard scuba diving boats. As mentioned in the last post, snorkeling is a great way to enjoy downtime in between dives, and spending 24 hours a day on a boat it is a good way to stretch your legs! Grabbing a snorkel mask is open to any of our clients as long as they are certified divers, and accept responsibility for their own safety if not in a group. We recently added a new collection of the super cool Easybreath snorkeling mask to our equipment supplies. The response from all the recent guests has been fantastic!

tribord easybreath snorkeling mask

This mask is a full face snorkel mask that allows you to see almost 180 degrees and breathe normally without the need to have a traditional snorkel jammed in your mouth. This makes it good for people looking for a more relaxing experience, and the air intake system stops the mask from fogging in almost every condition which is really nice. Most of the snorkeling experiences we have are on shallower reefs, so having a massive view below can really open up your world and increase the enjoyment level. When compared to a traditional scuba mask, the level of fogging is almost non existent. Not only that but any water that could leak in through the dry snorkel style top, is funneled down the clear plastic lens and vented through a mouth valve below, so sea water does not get into your eyes during your snorkel adventure.

full face snorkel mask

On the Italian coast line, the seas can be a bit rough so even when scuba diving it is a good idea to bring a solid dry snorkel. When resting on the surface it can be a little too easy to get a massive mouthful of water if you are not careful, and we are happy to report that the snorkel style antenna on the top keeps out any rouge waves that could splash water in.

During our last outing we had amazing weather as the summer is kicking off and there is no nicer place to enjoy it than Italy. With a fully loaded boat we set of for the local islands and had a really awesome time scuba diving and snorkeling around the rock outcrops. There was so much to see thanks to the sunlight causing huge plankton blooms, and while the visibility was not too amazing, the flip side was the huge amount of sea life. Large schools of fish were zipping around and devouring the small little sea plants and animals that make up the microscopic plankton. It was a completely surreal experience!