The best Mens diving watches availiable in 2015!

We recently had some of our clients compliment us on the dive watches we wear on our expeditions, which is always nice to hear. Now we fully recommend representing being a diver no matter if you are on the ocean or not. A great way to do this is to pick yourself an awesome mens diving watch. They are both extremely stylish and fully functional while scuba diving as they are usually waterproof up to 200 or 300 meters, which is far deeper than your average scuba diver will ever be diving down to! You can find a good list of the best mens dive watches currently on the market right here:

scuba diving watches for men

When looking for a great divers watch, there are only a couple different brands you really need to be looking into that are simply dominating the market at the moment. Citizen dive watches are considered some of the best watches for men who love to scuba dive. They also make a full lineup for female diving enthusiasts as well. The other major player in the market at the moment is Seiko. Seiko dive watches tend to be a bit more expensive and on the higher end of the spectrum but are still considered quite affordable diving watches as most of them are easily found under 500 dollars. The Seiko SKA375 in particular looks very similar to the amazing Omega seamaster, but is about 1/10th of the price! Do yourself a favor and check out some of the reviews online before making a decision for yourself on which is the best scuba diving watch for your needs. We would highly recommend looking into one that is made from stainless steel as they can take a real beating while moving dive equipment around or loading a dive boat.

scuba divers watch

Citizen dive watches tend to be a bit more affordable and are still very high quality. Most of them tend to be solar powered which is a cool feature and it avoids ever having to change the battery or open them up, which could compromise the waterproof seal. They usually have a scratch resistant crystal bezel and this is good as it helps them avoid any usual wear and tear. This is a major thing to consider when looking for the best dive watch, you need something that is high quality and can really hold up to your daily adventures on and off the water. A scuba diver relies on high quality equipment to get the most out of this fantastic hobby, and when you are looking for at diving watches, this should be the same! Hopefully our pointers can help to steer you in the right direction.