finding the best snorkel gear for you

Many scuba divers enjoy snorkeling as a complimentary hobby when not diving. On our dive boats we always bring a few extra sets of snorkeling equipment to ensure anyone who wants to hop overboard during their surface interval can just grab a mask and fins and start exploring. This is a great freedom that comes with spending a lot of time on the ocean. while most snorkel gear is fairly similar to traditional scuba diving equipment there are some key differences to consider when looking to get yourself a snorkel set.

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Snorkel Fins

Snorkeling fins that come bundled with most sets of snorkel gear tend to be quite a bit more compact that the usual long blades of scuba fins. This makes you a bit more maneuverable in shallow water where you will benefit the most from using snorkeling equipment. The shorter fins allow you to pivot more naturally and because you are carrying less heavy equipment, they can still propel you through the water easily enough. The compact nature of snorkel fins means they are easy to travel with if you like to visit various snorkel spots around the globe with minimal luggage in tow.

Snorkel Masks

Most of the best snorkel masks are actually high end scuba masks with an accompanying dry snorkel. Scuba gear tends to have a higher quality overall and most serious underwater exploreres already should have their own scuba or snorkel mask that fits well and leaks as little as possible. A mask should be form fitting to your face and remain in place if you inhale slightly through the nose even without the mask strap in place. A strong tempered glass lens is common in most scuba and snorkeling masks, which means it is going to be far less foggy than some of the cheap plastic lenses included in budget snorkel gear. Investing in a good snorkel mask is something you will definitely not regret, as seeing the underwater environment is the goal for any snorkeling trip! You can find some more info on how to pick the best snorkel gear for your needs over at Diver World.

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The benefits of having your own snorkel gear!

One of the main benefits of using your own personal set of snorkeling gear is the fact you know it all fits properly and you are familiar with the equipment. This leads to a higher level of confidence in the water and that is never a bad idea. Also, you will not have to worry about your group not having enough snorkel gear for the entire group in between dives or if some sightseeing people decide they want to try snorkeling as well. Also, there is the fact that if you have your own equipment you will never have to worry about the condition of rental gear before your trip and the less stress when traveling the better!